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Do Exfoliators Work?

Exfoliating is one of my favourite skincare steps. Whether I'm using a physical exfoliator, which has grainy bits in or a chemical exfoliator which is just pure liquid, I just love it.

There is something so special about the way your skin feels and looks after a good exfoliation, it feels fresher, brighter and cleaner. A regular exfoliation increases skin clarity, radiance and youthfulness.

When exfoliating your skin you are unblocking your pores and taking off the dead skin, when pores are unblocked your other skincare products will be better absorbed more deeply into your skin. Dead skin basically becomes a barrier between your skin and serums. By removing it you allow everything to work so much better.

Exfoliants break down dead skin whilst smoothing the texture of your skin, which means the skin will look more uniform over time. Exfoliation has many benefits, including stimulation of lymphatic drainage, for internal cleansing and stimulation of oxygen rich blood to feed and nourish the skin's surface. The former is a form of skin detoxification, working to remove toxins and other unhealthy debris. The latter boosts cell renewal to reveal radiant skin.

Aside from increased circulation, the exfoliation also boosts the skin's radiance in another way. It helps cell turnover so skin looks more glowing.

This means that the skin keeps fresh, healthy cells at the surface, removing dead,dry or dying ones. This will then give the appearance ultra dewy and smooth skin. Regular exfoliation helps to stimulate collagen synthesis to improve the skin's texture, integrity and keep the skin looking plump, tight and young, which may be why people say it lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Listen to your skin needs as to how often you should be exfoliating. I personally exfoliate every day , for my rosacea clients and sensitive clients it should usually be once a week. Normal and dry skin types can handle 3 to 7 times a week, depending on whether it's a physical or chemical exfoliant. I hope you have found this little Blog of some use. Get looking in your cupboards and drawers and get exfoliating and see the difference it makes to your skin

Much Love Julie xx

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Thanks Julie, can you recommend a good exfoliater and mask?


Thank you x

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