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Anti-Stress Massage & Bath 100ml, Anti-Stress (Restelle) Body Wash 100ml The light citrus aroma of sweet orange and mandarin coupled with a fragrant hint of French lavender creates a soothing and relaxing effect to a tired body in this multi-use aromatherapy blend.


Skin type/condition: Suitable for all skin types. Especially beneficial for those experiencing physical or mental stress, anxiety, insomnia, muscle or joint discomfort or thos in need of relaxation.


Benefits: The detoxinating effects of grapefruit help cleanse and detox the body encouraging a better energy flow. Relaxes and calms the mind and the senses. Tension and stress are eased through this comforting aroma. Key ingredients: The synergistic blend of mandarin, orange, lavender, marjoram, grapefruit, petitgrain and ylang ylang collectively calm the mind and strengthen the nervous system helping to restore balance and harmony.


How to use: For massage - Pump desired amount into hand and apply to body. Massage using firm owing circular movements. For bath - Add 4-6 pumps into bath water. Relax in bath for 5-10 minutes and follow with normal cleansing routine. After bath pat skin dry and follow with application of recommended Eve Taylor® Spa Body moisturiser. For moisturiser - Add desired amount to recommended Eve Taylor® Spa Body moisturiser, blend together and apply to body in smooth upward movements.


*Avoid use of all essential oil blends during first trimester of pregnancy. During second and third trimester use Anti-Stress Bath & Massage Blend Oil ONLY.



Aqua, sodium laurel sulphate,sodium chloride, propylene glycol, citric acid, sweet orange oil, mandarin peel oil, Grapefruit seed oil, Lavender seed oil, Limonene, cittral, benzyl benzoate, linalool, citronellal, Ylang ylang floweroil, sodium hydroxide.

vittis vinifera seed oil, marjoram seed oil, grapefruit seed oil,  wheatgerm gem oil,  benzyl alcohol.

Eve Taylor Spa Duo - Anti-Stress Massage/Body Oil & Restelle Body Wash

  • 12 months

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